November 11, 2015

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Our extensive experience of digital marketing campaigns means we can deliver target users to your website based on their search keywords, age, geographical location, interests etc.

Attracting target users to a website is a key goal for all our customers, campaigns will usually include,

  • use of advertising channels (Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  • social media networks (posting relevant and engaging content)
  • search optimisation (delivering long term and free organic traffic)

Deliverables & Cost

All customers have different requirements and we are willing to negotiate terms to fit with your needs. We can deliver results working as a sub contractor on a micro campaign using only particular channels, or we can deliver results managing the digital marketing top to bottom on a month by month basis.

We can measure costs by hours worked, rewards for reaching particular goals like top keyword positioning or by commission for lead generation or sales, we are open to negotiation with regard to deliverables and costs.

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Top Positioning in Google Search

Another key goal that clients always request is to get top positioning in Google search results. Top positioning in organic search for a handful of relevant keywords is a sure way to get valuable target traffic. Our strategy is to select keyphrases which qualify target visitors, optimise pages for those keyphrases and promote those pages on social networks, blogging platforms, news websites etc.

Top Google Positioning March 2016

  • (licensing solicitor city of london) 1st
  • (swindon solar panels) 1st
  • (lake district fishing poland) 1st
  • (freelance hairdresser) 2nd
  • (swindon wordpress website) 2nd
  • (infrared heating oxfordshire) 2nd
  • (kitchen swindon) 5th

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There are a large variety of methods to increase traffic and visibility, depending upon your needs we can prepare a proposal to include a mix from the following:

Traffic Analysis

Measuring and monitoring traffic to the website by web users is an essential part of any online promotion campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation

For most websites the majority of traffic will originate from search engines and directories. All our sites are optimised for search engine spiders, and we also offer manual search engine submission, and submission to particular industry & trade directories.

Email Marketing

A website can collect email addresses of users who are willing to receive regular information, maintaining a database of contacts and sending out emails, if done correctly, can be a great way of increasing awareness, brand loyalty and business. We do not blanket send emails, but recommend sending targeted users with user specific content and links.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Listings

A number of search sites such as and now offer paid placement in search results listings for particular keywords & key phrases, and depending upon the product, this can be a very cost effective method for increasing traffic.

Reciprocal Links or Back Links

The greater the number of links to your website, the greater the value of your website from the point of view of the search engines, so it’s important to encourage linking, and one way of doing this is to include links to other websites from your websites.

Online Public Relations

Submitting news to online news sites generates publicity, and content sites will often include a link to your site which will again increase the value of your website as seen by search engines. We can source news sites for you, and cooperate in content creation.

Affiliate Programs

Systems are available for paying other websites to include a link to your website, payment is measured by click through or order.

Viral Marketing

Creating content that internet users will want to disseminate to friends/contacts, thereby rapidly multiplying the number of recipients.

Online Partnerships

Negotiated mutually beneficial agreements with other websites.

Online Advertising

Paid advertising, such as banners at portals and target topic websites, can be expensive though ideal for particular campaigns.

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