Advertising Easiest Way to Make Profit

Why Advertising is the Easiest Way to Make a Profit!

In 2017, there are so many ways to get your product in front of the target market that it’s almost impossible to not make a sale.

Using advertising networks such as Facebook and Google Adwords can be very cost effective, to the point that you can quickly measure exactly how much each visit to your website makes you before a sale is made, making it very easy to see which of your marketing campaigns are making a return on investment.

The Facebook Goldmine

Facebook marketing can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, but if you have a good offer and find the right market that are eager to buy it, you’ll make sales. The ad network on Facebook gives you access to every single person who uses the Facebook platform, which seems like it’s the entire world!

Not only can you access every person but you can only target people that you want to see your product, right down to their hobbies or their favourite film. The advertising networks allow you to test out lots of different types of ads very quickly, without spending a fortune. What’s amazing about this system is you can find a winning ad that brings in lots of sales in as little as a day, sometimes hours if you really need to.

How to Find Out Which of Your Ads is Working

To really keep track of all of your marketing efforts you need to put some tracking code on your website. This lets Facebook see which of your ads makes a sale and which one isn’t bringing in the right customers.

Installing and making use of the tracking features is one of the key things that you must use to ensure that you’re making a profit. There are a lot of advertisers out there who quickly burn through all of their budget because they’re not properly tracking the actions of their customers who come to their website after clicking an ad. Eventige can help with your website tracking.

Working Out How Much a Sale Actually Costs

As a guide, here is how to work out how much every visitor is worth when sales are made by a visitor who found your website by clicking on a paid ad on either Facebook or Google.

Let’s say that each click costs you £1 and your product is £10 gross. There were 100 clicks on the ad which cost you £100. From the 100 clicks you made 12 sales, which is £120 in gross sales. To find out how much every visitor is worth you all you need to do is divide the gross sales by the total click cost (£100). This comes out to £1.20 per visitor. In this case every visitor to your website makes you £1.20 in sales. So from this you know that if a click costs £1 but the visitor is worth £0.20p then the ad campaign will make a return on investment.

You can use this data in your budgeting and it gives you a better idea of how much your advertising is truly worth, which makes it much easier to understand the potential gains of each of your marketing campaigns.