How to Combine Your Offline Marketing with Digital Marketing

How to Combine Your Offline Marketing with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a major focus for a lot of businesses these days, and for good reason. It can offer opportunities to engage with more people, create strong brand recognition, and be incredibly cost effective. However, for many companies, digital marketing alone isn’t as effective as a strategy that combines both online and offline approaches.

Why You Need an Offline-Digital Mix

Offline marketing has completely different advantages to online marketing, for instance it has a better chance of catching the full attention of the audience. Digital marketing messages are seen in an environment where hundreds of promotional messages and ads from all kinds of different brands are competing for the customer’s eye, and naturally a lot of them get tuned out. This is not the case with offline marketing, where someone will have something physical to look at or a real person to talk to.

When you use strategies that combine offline and online efforts coherently, you get the advantages of both and they can actually support each other and be more effective together. Someone is more likely to interact with the social media posts of a brand they have engaged with in real life, for instance.

How to Make Your Offline and Online Approaches Work Together

Simply running an offline plan that includes things like attending trade shows and conferences, and giving out high quality printed materials like brochures and business cards can work well on its own, as can running online adverts or social media marketing. However, when you use the two together, you get the best results. The key here is to use one form of marketing to drive people towards the other. All of your printed materials, should have a call to action for people to do something with your online presence.

What this is will depend on the goals of your specific marketing campaign, but it could be signing up on your website for a discount, or tweeting something to your Twitter account (like a photo of them using your product) for a reward of some kind. Equally, you can use your online marketing to drive people to your offline marketing, for example by promoting your appearance at an event on social media accounts and giving people a code to use when they visit your stand to get a special gift or discount.

Brand Consistency

A key point to remember when doing offline and online marketing together is that you absolutely need to keep the message and branding consistent between all your channels. If you have had a rebrand on your website and are using new slogans and colours, it is not a good idea to use up old materials at an event that show old branding – this will confuse the brand recognition that you are trying to build up in customers’ minds.

By making your marketing consistent and using different types of marketing to drive people to engage with your brand in other ways, you can really harness all of the benefits of marketing digitally and in person.