Delivering a Digital Marketing Pitch

What’s Involved with Delivering a Digital Marketing Pitch?

Have you just started a digital marketing agency, or do you find it difficult to get new clients? If you’re in either of these positions, it’s essential to learn how to deliver a professional, clear digital marketing pitch. The more prepared you are when you create a sales pitch, the more business leads you will turn into paying clients. Below are some of the main things that are involved with delivering a digital marketing pitch.

Make Sure Your Bid is Compliant

In many instances, you will be competing with other digital marketing agencies for the same business and contracts. This means you may have to go through an official tender process, whereby every application has to be compliant with certain rules and regulations, such as those laid down in the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD).

In order to be in with a chance to bid on these types of projects, you may need to hire an SSQ writer. These writers will ensure that your bid contains all of the necessary details for your bid, such as your company information, insurance details, the history of your business, such as any criminal offences and any other important information that may be requested by the organisation that is looking for help with their digital marketing projects.

Give Your Client Exactly What They Want

It’s crucial to understand what your client really wants from your business. To ensure that this happens, you need to research your potential client’s business thoroughly and identify ways in which you can help them.

In most cases, clients want to reach a wider online audience, create more business leads and reduce the cost of acquiring new clients. Once you have identified their main needs and requirements, it is then possible to develop a pitch based around these needs and requirements.

Identify the Most Appropriate Digital Marketing Strategies

Different businesses have different requirements, so you need to find out which type of digital marketing strategy will produce the best results for your potential client. When you have done this, you will then need to explain the process required to implement this type of strategy to your client.

Provide Examples of Previous Work and Testimonials

As well as talking the talk, you need to be able to walk the walk. Providing examples of successful digital marketing campaigns is the most effective way to do this. Ideally, you should have a portfolio of your previous work and testimonials provided by satisfied customers of yours.

Timeframe and Project Costs

As the provider of digital marketing services, you have to determine the scope of the project you are bidding for, how long it will take to complete the project, and the overall cost of the project. These details may take some time for you and your potential client to iron out and agree on, but you should do so in a diplomatic and realistic way. If you and your potential client find it easy to work together in this way, they will be more likely to hire you to complete their digital marketing activities for them.

Delivering a professional pitch is an extremely important activity in any business. Following the steps above should make this process easier and ensure that you land more lucrative digital marketing contracts.