November 11, 2015

Web Link Builder

Link Management Application

Managing both incoming and outgoing web links to a website is a key task for website managers and website marketing professionals.

Using an online link management application makes managing links much easier than using a spreadsheet, allowing multiple users 24 hour access to a system with numerous benefits:

  • greater perspective with link management dashboard
  • browse links by type, by contact, by destination or source
  • multiple link types including banners, inbound links, outbound links etc.
  • plugin to real time data related to link status
  • spot broken or expired links immediately
  • multiple users and multi level access to data

Managing links established between multiple websites needs to be managed, but can be very time consuming, it can take a lot of emails, negotiation and patience to setup a good link only to find that it’s disappeared after a short time, so a link management application can save time and money!

Specialist Business Web Applications

Our web link building management and reporting tool is a specialist application to increase link building success which we do a lot of. Your business may have different kinds of links which need to be documented in some way by multiple team members,tell us about your situation and we may have ideas for a web application to help your business.

Save Time andĀ Admin Overhead

Using a link management application saves us time in setting up links, creates link reports on demand and automates link checking so that we are alerted if a link suddenly disappears.