November 11, 2015

Hosting and Domains

Hosting and Domain Management

hosting and domainsOur websites are hosted on servers running Linux OS and based in the UK, US and Poland. Clients hosting their websites with us receive managed hosting with full service & support from our team.

Statistics on site usage are collected and made available via a web browser.

Domain Registration and Management
If you wish to have your website at the first step is to register a domain name, and we can arrange this for you as well as manage domain amendments and renewals.

DNS Services
After registration of domain name, the information about it is stored on the DNS servers. This indicates to other computers on the internet where the computer linked to the domain name is located. Our DSN servers store and manage this information so that your domain will be recognized on the internet, from anywhere in the world.

We offer our clients a mailbox and mail aliases, e.g. or which can be redirected to one or more people (email on our or external server).

free hostingFree website hosting for 12 months when you order a new website, content management system or website upgrade.