Why WordPress Is the Best CMS for Small Businesses

So many small businesses understand the benefits of having a website but aren’t able to pay huge amounts of money to have a site developed for them. WordPress is a free Content Management System CMS, and the only fees you will incur are from having custom websites developed or from hosting providers, it is the most widely used CMS by small businesses around the world. But cost is only the beginning for why WordPress is the best CMS for small businesses. WordPress is a secure content management system which is user friendly, supported by most hosting services, offers free templates and which has a huge volume of documentation available online.

1. User-Friendly

Of all the ‘free’ Content Management Systems floating around out there, which are really only a few, WordPress is the most user-friendly and therefore easy to use. Even a novice can install WordPress on their site and within just a matter of a few hours can have a site that looks professional and can be modified over time with plugins and gadgets, many of which are also free to use.

2. Platform Offered by Most Hosting Companies

Most hosting companies offer WordPress as part of their hosting plans. Some do have Joomla or Drupal but it is most common to see WordPress as the CMS of choice simply because it is so user-friendly. A great number of these hosting companies also offer tech support for basic issues with WordPress so if you are going to develop your own site from the ground floor up, it is the best CMS to start with.

3. WordPress Forums for Answers You Seek

If you are looking for more advanced help than the hosting company is able to offer, there are WordPress forums out there where members of this open source platform are more than happy to share what they know and have learned along the way. You’d be surprised at just how many of the members of these forums are web developers themselves. Many are extremely proficient in the basics you need to know and they just might throw you a tip or two along the way.

4. Free Customisable Templates

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of free templates that you can choose and most are completely customisable. You start with the template and build from there. You can add widgets, plugins, and tailor the colours, fonts and images to suit your fancy. You can design your own banners and choose a variety of layouts and all this for free!
Small businesses may not have the funds on hand to pay for a totally bespoke website but they can certainly start with a freely available WordPress theme and work their way up from there. These are really just a few of the reasons why WordPress is the best CMS for small businesses. If you are looking to get online quickly without going into a huge amount of expense, WordPress is your answer. Anyone with limited knowledge can have a site up and live the very same day. Now, that’s impressive!

5. Plenty of Security Options

Thanks to the popularity of WordPress, installations are a common target of unwanted guests, to counter that, WordPress regularly releases security updates and there are a wide range of plugins and steps which can be taken to defend against attacks.