November 11, 2015

Ask Your Web Designer

What to Ask Your Website Designer

How much is it going to cost?

This really does depend on how much you would like to spend, we can create a very basic website for as little as £200, whilst a large website with monthly management and promotion can cost over £5K annually. We can offer a performance based contract, so that billing is linked to website effectiveness.

Can you achieve stated aims and objectives?

At the end of the day your website needs to work and achieve some objectives, this is our main focus. Performance related contracts can ensure that your costs are related to the success of the website.

What about hosting, will I need to change provider?

We are flexible and can take care of all hosting issues, or these can be dealt with by your existing provider if you prefer.

How long is it going to take?

A simple website can take a few hours to put together, in practise it takes time to discuss the options, collate content and tweak the design, this means a larger website can take a few months to build. Our approach is organic, a website should be developed over time, regularly assessed and amended in line with performance, at Rubber Dragon we like to maintain a long term relationship with some form of quarterly billing.

Who will actually be responsible for designing and building the website?

We are a small team, Chris Bulzacki as the Managing Director would meet with you to discuss the project and would then personally work on the design and project management. Before choosing a design company make sure you have access to the people actually responsible for the build.

How secure is the business?

Rubber Dragon has been operating since 2001, we have an established client base and have succeeded in generating new business despite a difficult market conditions. We build websites because that’s what we like doing, so we are in for the long haul. Hundreds of design companies go out of business each year, so don’t take this issue lightly.

How big are you?

We are a team of 4, working together with a number of freelance staff since 2001.

How do we like to work?

Following a meeting to discuss your requirements we shall produce a fixed price quotation. We begin to work on your website as soon as a proposal is accepted, producing designs and collating content in close communication with yourselves. On completion we undertake an organic development program to build traffic and achieve site objectives.

We like to maintain a good personal relationship with clients, though if you prefer us to get on with the job and keep out of the way we can also accommodate. Most of our communication is via email, and we have a Client Area with your website vital statistics available to you 24 hours a day.

Click here for more detailed information about how the design process works.

What kind of websites do you build?

Check to see what sites your chosen agency has already built. We have a large portfolio of websites together with case studies illustrating our achievements. References are available on request.

Anything else? If you have any unanswered questions, or if you would like to meet with us to discuss your project, please contact us now.