November 11, 2015

Photo Gallery Solution

Photo Gallery Solution

Our online photo gallery is a web solution and content management system for anyone who wants photographs, products or graphics to be the main focus of their website (as opposed to text and navigation). The system is ecommerce enabled allowing publishers to sell photographs (or products), add types and different prices.

This is an easy website solution for photographers, graphic designers, shops and indeed anyone who wants the visual in the foreground.

Easy Administration

The administration area allows publishers to easily add new photographs, categories, webpages, text and links.

Optimised for Search

Easily edit titles, keywords and meta tags as well as image titles and alt tags all important for good search positioning. The photo gallery website has performed very well in search engines, quickly gaining good search positioning.
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Why Choose Our Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery solution is designed to help you get your work online, here are some of the benefits:

  • custom layout design in line with your branding,
  • multitude of slide show effects such as cover flow,
  • full setup, configuration and launch,
  • easy administration area,
  • online payment option available,
  • include as many images as you like,
  • custom image sizes,
  • create as many categories as you wish,
  • unique website address,
  • custom webform to facilitate enquiries,
  • search optimisation features built in,
  • add text content and links,
  • add pictures, presentations, photography, artwork, portfolio items or any image,
  • easy payment terms to suit your budget,
  • free hosting for one year,
  • free online advertising placement.

Whilst there are plenty of free photo gallery solutions and photo blogs available online such as Google Picasa, Flickr, WordPress and many social networking websites, our solution is customised for your business.

How Much Does It Cost and How Long Does It Take?

A basic version of the online photo gallery for £500 can be created in a few days, more time is needed for customised versions with multiple categories, photographs and types.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help to improve your website performance and online sales.

Photo Gallery Website

Our own brand online photo gallery with a visual review of the solution and sample photographs.

Swindon Fascias

Cover flow slide show effects, displayingfascias and bargeboards in this way works much better than if we were to describe the products using just words.

Kudos Online Fence Shop

A shop version upgraded recently for Swindon based Kudos Fencing presenting a range of fences and gates.

Workshop No.5 Stained Glass Windows

Design, construction and maintenance ofstained glass windows and decorative mirrors.

Wicked Tshirts

Tshirt shop using the photo gallery to present a small range of tshirts. Built as a sample website we achieved top position in Yahoo within weeks of launch for world cup tshirts!