November 11, 2015

Topic Directory

Case Study Topic Directory

FH is a directory of freelance hairdressers, allowing visitors to find hairdresser by region, type and specialisation. Hairdressers are able to register their details for free and are encouraged to purchase premium listings.

An easy administration panel is used to keep listings and content updated. The directory generates revenue from advertising sales and from the sale of related products.

Directory Administration

Key to maintaining a directory are regular updates and automated tasks to make things easy. New listings at Freelance Hair are automatically saved to a database and once checked can be approved with one click. Registered users are sent a message to confirm their placement. The administration area is designed to facilitate key search optimisation tasks such as placement of title, meta tag, alt tag and content on individual pages.

Banner Advertising

FH generates revenue from advertising, offering both banner and text link advertising positions in multiple places on multiple pages. Payment for banner placement and for premium placement is encouraged during the user registration process and via direct channels.

Add a Directory to Your Website

This case study covers a standalone topic directory, but directory listings and functionality can be added to your existing website too. You may want your internal departments or staff listed in some way, or your products and services. Listing details can contain anything from website addresses, company names to product names, part codes and telephone numbers.

Targeted Traffic Generation

A focused topic directory, by publishing listings related to the topic, will attract users who have some interest in the topic.

A directory acts as a virtual marketplace, a hub, attracting both browers, buyers and sellers. This opens the opportunity to offer users registration, account profiles and social networking tools. It also offers opportunties for the website to act as network hub and to generate revenue from facilitating contact between parties.

This one in development.