August 4, 2016

Drive Employee Training Plan

An Employee Training Plan with a SatNav

The Drive Employee Training Plan is a fresh way of approaching professional development through a programme of appraisal and assessment that puts the individual in the driving seat. Employees are encouraged to steer direction and set the pace, accelerating as necessary or putting on the brakes.

employee training plan satnav

The Training Plan is offered by our partners, a professional training company with years of experience in the sector.

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Employee Training via SatNav

It’s like having a SatNav for getting you from where you are to where you want to be and you can only make this work if you know what your destination is and when you want to arrive.

The SatNav is realistic about the amount of time you give and the amount of attention you pay to your journey. You will be aware if you change lanes or lose direction.

The Drive Employee Training Plan facilitates

  • Commitment
  • Clarity
  • Benchmarking
  • a Map of where everyone is going so you end up at the same place

What would it feel like if your employees:

  • Actually felt that they were being developed in the right direction?
  • Could see their performance develop over 12 months?
  • Vision is in sync with your company’s strategy?
  • Focused on their strengths as opposed to their weakness?

As a Director/Manager you will find out how to:

  • Ask the right questions to elicit the right response
  • Develop a coaching approach with self and others using coaching strategies
  • Develop your staff in a positive and cohesive manner
  • Understand someone’s internal representational system
  • Change the way you communicate with your employees
  • Open new channels for communication enabling constructive feedback and evaluation
  • Devise strategies to handle the challenges of disengagement and lack of motivation
  • Get the maximum output from your staff without being pushy
  • Explore how the values of each person and those of the organisation are in alignment

All this could cost as little as little as £120 per employee covering a year’s support for a programme including workshops, review sessions and one-to-one support’. Please complete your details for further information or call today.