May 29, 2019


PermaCulture is developing eco friendly, sustainable, efficient and productive systems. It provides us with solutions for dealing with the climate crisis and it’s a great way to spend free time in harmony with nature.

Permaculture Card Game

A card game for all ages. One of the concepts in permaculture is plant guilds, groups of plants that work to benefit eachother. The general idea of the game is to collect plants from a particular guild. The game is currently in development, first draft Tomato Guild originally published May 2019.

Download Tomato Guild pdf

Questions for Future Development

  1. Plant Value. Is it practical to assign each plant a particular value, e.g. between 1 – 3 or 1 – 5, which would indicate that one plant is more valuable than another? Such a value would be useful to have from a game perspective. Alternatively, what other number could be added to the cards?
  2. Guild Colours. The idea, not shown in the existing design is that each plant guild will have a different colour so that the cards can be matched.
  3. What Can We Add? We have included plant title, type (vegetable, herb etc.), function (food, accumulator, repeller etc.), description, guild & companion plants, days to harvest, preferred light conditions (sun, cloud etc.) What other plant details should we include on the cards?

Looking forward to your feedback.