November 11, 2015

Web Applications

Web Applications for Business

Take your business to the next level by leveraging the data you already have and using it to improve decision making, business processes and the bottom line.

Every business has unique and useful data, using a web application can help you to distribute particular data to particular groups, enabling better organisation and communication, so that the data works for you.

Strategy for Business Improvement

Strategy is a key part of business improvement, a web application can deliver real data from customers, suppliers and your team so that you can make better decisions more quickly. A web application can give you a fresh perspective. Once administrators would sit for hours in front of spreadsheets for hours, now the same results can be presented to you in real time.

Stages of Web Application Development

1. Identification and Analysis of Processes

Are you spending a lot of time working with spreadsheets? Identify the process you go through. For example you may have a regional sales team which sends you activity details via email, in documents or via word of mouth. Instead your team can enter the same data directly into an online web application, which can automatically make decisions (e.g. related to logistics) based on the data supplied.

Identification and analysis, this is where we need to sit down and discuss details of how your business operates, what you do, what data needs to be collected, how it could be crunched and reported.

2. Specification and ProtoType Development

Once we have a good idea of how your business process works we can map it out and specify it to the developers. Then we construct a prototype application for test purposes.

3. User Testing, Amendments and Launch

It’s unusual for a system to be exactly how you want it first time around, so we tend to go through a series of real life testing before making final tweaks and launch.

Let’s Talk

As a business manager with an overview of the issues at hand, you will have a good idea of how your business works and what could be improved through automation, monitoring and analysis, let’s talk and work something through together.

Whether it’s for stock management, project management, for the sales team, human resources, production or logistics, an online web application can save you time and money, the benefits are there.

Your Own Cloud

cloud computingHaving your own web application is like cloud computing or SaaS software as a service, except that it’s your own cloud and there are no monthly fees to pay except for hosting charges.

Real World Examples

There are numerous different types of web application which can help to improve your business, here are a selection of systems we have implemented.

Stock Management System

with multiple user levels, allows customers to order products, pay for them and select delivery addresses, the administrator can monitor order history and the master administrator can create new users.

Project Management System

helps us to manage client projects, keep a tab on project times and facilitates good communication within the project team.

Link Building System

helps us to manage web links, to identify when links have expired and to find new prospects for link building campaigns.

You will have data that’s unique to your business, if you find yourself spending a lot of time working with spreadsheets, we are certain that a web application can improve your work flow. Let’s talk and work on some ideas together.