November 11, 2015

Online Calculator Tools

Calculator Applications

Use Online Calculator Tools on your website to give users instant results, improve customer service, reduce administration costs, collect marketing information, generate leads and save money!

Encourage User Activity and Length of Stay

People love being able to interact with a website, especially if it helps them get the information they want, a calculator tool can can give them that and it can encourage them to make contact. More interactivity also means people will spend more time at your website.

online calculator toolsOnline Calculator Tools for my Website

It might not be immediately obvious, but a calculator tool on your website can get results for you. Send us your website address and we will come up with some calculator ideas for you.

Variable Data and Pricing

Calculators can be designed to provide variable results depending on other data. For example, for appointment bookings, you might want to offer a lower price on days when you are less busy. Indeed, different results can be generated to different users. The tools available allow for a lot of creativity.

Data Collection Calculator

Whilst providing the user with valuable information, a calculator can also grab the data that’s entered. This could be useful in establishing user profiles and expectations, for example you may have website with a wallpaper calculator for customers to calculate the amount of wallpaper they need. Useful for your customers, but may also be useful for you to know about the size of the customers property, like you could offer users with larger properties particular special offers.

Let’s Talk

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Advertising Rates Calculator

We designed and built an advertising rate calculator for a media company selling advertising space on their website and in their printed edition. The calculator made it easier for potential advertisers to select the right placement and it increased the number of new enquiries ie. leads.

Stove Size and Heat Output Calculator supply and install wood burning stoves in Wiltshire, a stove size calculator on their website helps customers calculate the amount of heat output required depending on room size and height.

Product Price Calculator

Whatever product or services you sell, you may find that adding a calculator to your website can both improve customer service and increase the number of potential customers visiting your website.

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