November 11, 2015

Sales and Lead Management

Sales and Lead Management

Do you have a sales team with mixed results? Get real time results to see how your sales team is performing across different regions and product groups, improve team communications and results reporting, pick up and progress broken leads.

Web Application for Data Collection

Imagine we are using a web application to collect sales information from a team across the UK, once a lead comes in from our national advertising campaign the web application zips it across to the nearest sales person, they then need to act to discuss details with the potential customer and the results of their communication and proposal or offer details can go back into the web application.

Lead Tracking for Business Improvement

The manager at head office sees how many leads are being dealt with how quickly and most importantly how many of them are being converted. Irrespective of how big the sales team and how large the product offering, you will be able to visualise sales team performance and make amends where results are below par.

Whatever the size of your sales team, using a web application to visualise performance is a win win investment, let’s talk.