November 11, 2015

Stock Management

Stock Management Applications

stock management applicationOnline stock management application allowing administrators and users to interact, place orders, review history and manage stock.

If you have a warehouse with multiple users, suppliers and customers then you might benefit from keeping all stakeholders up to date about stock levels, inputs and outputs, our online applications allows multiple users (administrator, master administrator, supplier, customer, user etc.) to access different system levels, browse stock, resupply stock, order stock, issue purchase orders, warehouse stock lists etc.

Backend Integration

Applications can be developed to produced export files which will hook data directly into your existing platform such as Access, Sql or Xml for further analysis and reporting.

Automating Business Processes

Stock level running low? Once stock level has fallen below a certain level let the application contact the supplier directly so that they can replenish stock. You receive confirmation by email if required, but let the application do the leg work.

Custom Built Applications to Fit Your Business

Our bespoke stock management applications are built to fit your existing business processes and setup for you ready to run.

Just in Time Inventory

just in time stockJIT is a stock management model to reduce excess stock levels and the associated costs, by monitoring stock levels a web application can issue stock requests to suppliers so that volumes are replenished in time.

Vendor Managed and Customer Managed Inventory

In a similar way stock levels can be maintained with input from vendors and customers.

Cost Savings

Use of a stock management application can provide significant cost savings associated with manual inventory counts, administrative errors and reductions in inventory stock-outs.