November 10, 2015

Brochure Websites

To present your products and services, a brochure website focuses on design and impact to show what you have to offer.

Brochure websites have little or no functionality, but the website can be designed in such a way so as to channel the user towards a particular action, such as completion of a contact form.

Brochure websites can include a content management system allowing you to easily edit content.

Sample Brochure Websites

You may also have a service or product which could be presented in a new way, write to us about your needs and let us make some suggestions. Below are some we prepared earlier.

Clean Practical
Website Design
The People Development Partnership website presents management and leadership training, organisational development and HR skills, it includes an active vertical ticker and contact webform.

Building Services Gallery
The Mode Build website uses a slide show to showcase a selection of building projects the firm has completed, includes content management system which enables easy addition of new projects as they are completed.


Printing Industry Website
The Apb Print website, clean design with a focus on presenting an environmentally friendly attitude and quality print, includes contact webform and print solutions slide show.

How a Website Can Generate New Leads
Any business website can generate a regular flow of leads, here is how we manage that from start to finish:

clearly identify product or service,
select related keywords,
select domain name based on keywords,
design website aimed at target users,
create content and product presentation,
channel users towards the contact form,
make sure content is keyword rich,
complete search engine optimisation,
launch website and start positioning,
build backlinks to improve positioning,
manage the leads coming in,
ongoing optimisation and promotion.
Website Return on Investment
We have used numerous lead generation services with mixed results and overpriced fees.

What we find works best, is when potential customers contact us directly requesting our services.

Targeting the right users, a website contact form, a channel encouraging visitors to get in touch, all these things can help you to generate new business leads from your target market.