November 11, 2015

Site Care and Maintenance

site care and maintenanceOur aim is to make your website work for you, whatever it takes to kick start traffic, enquiries or sales. However your site performs, whatever it looks like, and whatever budget you have to play with, we can take over long term care to increase traffic and attain your particular business objectives.

Care & Maintenance includes conceptual work on developing the website organically, monitoring of site statistics, improved listings in the search results, visual and content changes and amendments to the website, advice and guidance towards objectives, performance related billing, regular site performance reports.

We take your website seriously, because unless it brings you tangible benefits, there is little point in you investing money into it. By making your website work we encourage you to invest more.

For monitoring and management purposes we have a project management system with details of issues raised and completed. Please contact us today and let’s start talking.