November 10, 2015

Starter Websites

Get Your Business Up & Running

Starter Website package for new businesses includes: a WordPress website, secure hosting, logo design, business stationary as well as Twitter & Facebook profile setup and an online advertising slot on one of our many websites.

starter website packageA new business needs to get the message out.

Feeling busy with all the tasks you have on your hands?

It makes sense to work with a digital agency that can help you with all your marketing needs.

We can also help with formulating your messages, designing the branding, look & feel, writing marketing content, photography and graphic design.

Starter Website Package for New Businesses

  • WordPress starter website
  • secure WordPress hosting with malware scanning & daily backups
  • logo and branding design
  • business stationary (business cards & letterhead)
  • Twitter & Facebook profile setup
  • online advertising on one of our websites

Contact us today to discuss your business plans, you may find we can help in more ways than one!

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