November 10, 2015

WordPress Ecommerce Developers

WordPress Ecommerce Developers

We are a small group of experienced WordPress ecommerce developers and can help you with any or all of the following,

  • WordPress and ecommerce Plugin installation
  • shop layout and design
  • adding stock (with multiple details and specifications) to your shop
  • copywriting, writing keyword rich titles and product descriptions
  • product presentation, product photography, photo optimisation
  • digital marketing and social media activities to promote your shop
  • secure WordPress hosting with https:// certificates

WordPress as an Online Shopping Solution

WordPress ecommerce developersWordPress offers an affordable solution with huge flexibility and options, with a massive range of design styles and easy integration with a host of online shopping services. Thanks to use of third part plugins, WordPress gives you access to a large number online shop functionality and options for payment provider integration, marketing to customers, product promotions, comparison shopping, sales reports, stock management, shipping, discount codes etc.

Add to that our secure hosting package and an http:// certificate, and there are no reasons not to choose WordPress as your preferred online shopping platform.

WordPress Ecommerce Features

  • sell real products or digital downloads
  • sales dashboard with sales history and charts
  • customer relationship management
  • integrate with all the main UK payment providers
  • range of postage options
  • remain independent of third party platforms (easily export product database)