November 11, 2015

Your Website

Your Website Project

managing websitesDesigning, implementing, managing and promoting a website can be a full time job for a team of people, so it can make sense to outsource to an agency like Rubber Dragon. This section of our website reviews some of the issues to consider in developing your website project.

Aims and Objectives

Start with the fundamentals, what is the reason for your website?

Usually it’s about generating leads and getting a message across, also consider the issues of branding, online sales, cost reduction and relationship building.

We keep focus on the reasoning behind your website, and strive to achieve established stated aims and objectives right from the start.

What should you consider when building a website?

Web address, branding, how should the website be perceived and what should it say, who are the target audience, what are the competitors doing, what information can the site provide us with, how will users find the website. Click here for more details of what to consider when building a website.

At Rubber Dragon we consider and review these issues for you, always striving to achieve aims and objectives.

What should you ask your website development partner?

How much is it going to cost, how long it will take, and a series of other questions you should pose to your website design agency.

How we like to work

Find out more about the Rubber Dragon design and website build process or visit our portfolio of websites.

What to Consider When Building a Website

The number of potential issues can be huge, after considering aims and objectives, give the following issues some thought:

  • which web address should be chosen?
  • how will the site fit with our branding?
  • what content needs to be on the site, and how does it fit together?
  • how should the site be perceived by the user?
  • what impression should it make, big, homely, friendly, corporate, fun?
  • who are the target audience, what can we offer them and what would we like them to do?
  • what are the competitors doing?
  • can the site provide us with data, and should we hook up with existing systems?
  • how will users find the website?

You should at least be aware of answers to some of these questions, we would be happy to cover these issues with you at a meeting, please leave your details for us to make contact.